Audio Editing Portfolio

Leeds Student Radio

LSTV takes over LSR – following Leeds Student TV’s success at the National Student Television Awards, I put together an hour-long radio show at less than 24 hours’ notice, incorporating 24 pieces of music pertinent to the occasion and interviews with various members of LSTV:

BOL Radio

Catch-up Service trails – each week, I produced a trail featuring clips from all 15 live radio shows that week, advertising the new online catch-up service. Listen to three of them here:

On-air branding – I produced on-air branding for all shows on BOL Radio, including specialist branding for unique shows, and branding for on-air events such as all Christmas content. This content mainly includes beds and dry sweepers, although I also produced ‘power intros’ for various songs. All beds are based on sections or remixes of popular songs:

Reflective reports – Starting with the fiftieth anniversary of the Aberfan disaster in 2016, I was responsible for editing a package together whenever there was a minute’s silence in the school